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Shyam Heat Exchanger, India has become a leading name in the industry when it comes to manufacturing and supply of heat exchanger. Ever since it came into the being, the company has been looking after the needs of various industries including Beverage & Food Industry, Textile Industry, Shipping Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, and many more to add to their list. Promising the finest quality and unmatched services, Shyam Heat Exchanger has become the most sought-after name in a short span of time. The Shell Tube Heat Exchangers (STHE) & Plate heat exchanger (PHE) manufactured by us find a wide range of applications in various industries. Today, we are counted amongst the leading shell tube heat exchanger companies in New Delhi.

Beverage & Food Industry

Beverage & Food Industry demands the use of Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger or SSHE. The heat exchanger helps in heating up or cooling down several food products as a part of their processing. The heat exchanger manufactured by us demonstrates finesse when it comes to processing high viscosity, as well as highly sensitive food products such as fruit pulp. By exerting uninterrupted scraping action on the surface, it fortifies unwavering heating and keeps fouling at bay. Other kinds of heat exchangers that have been tested for the process include Rotary Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger, Dynamic Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger, Alternate Blades Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger, and Conventional Design Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger. Shyam Heat Exchanger has been proved to be the most effectual.  The most common application of heat exchangers is in the products like hazelnut paste and other kinds of food paste.

Textile Industry

The process of fabricating cloths witnesses extensive use of heat exchangers. In every production process, cooling and heating of liquids, as well as gases, are the paramount steps of the entire process. These steps are carried out with the help of heat exchangers between various fluids. The apprehensions pertaining to unwanted chemical reactions and contamination because of direct contact are dealt with indirect cooling and heating using the heat exchangers. For various applications in textile industry, the range of temperature and pressure is adjusted as per. We offer a great range of heat exchangers tailor-made for various requirements. We have a selection of heat exchangers having a wide temperature and pressure range.

Ship Industry

The shipping industry also entertains the use of heat exchangers. In ships, from giant commercial ships to cruises, the heat exchangers work by aiding in cooling the engines. They also act as hydraulic oil cooler. By the virtue of these features, they allow for apt lubrication and offer a perfect working environment for every transmission, as well as power system, on board.  The heat exchangers use sea water to function. The exchangers that are used to work in the shipping industry require special materials like titanium, a corrosion-resistant material in the sea water, as well as the other problems associated with scaling and clogging contributed by the existence of micro-organisms.


Pharmacy is a complicated industry. It requires the production of complex molecules that are used in various industrial fields like flavors, pigments, paints, silicone, fuel additives, pesticides, material plastics, lubricants, textiles, water treatment, perfumes, surfactants, surface treatment, and many others. These molecules are of great importance in the pharmaceutical chemistry. The pharmaceutical chemistry incorporates several synthesis processes that revolve around energy, security, as well as water management. Before coming to the end product, the process goes through many heat exchange phases. The manufacturers pay an extra amount of attention to these heat exchange phases as they help in boosting the productivity and also cutting down the total production costs.

The heat exchange phases involve the use of heat exchangers, mainly tubular heat exchangers or plate heat exchangers. These exchangers aid the procedures. We are the most sought-after heat exchanger manufacturer in Delhi, offer you all the kinds of heat exchangers for all the above-mentioned industries and many others.

Our Infrastructure

Our Heat Exchanger Manufacturing Infrastructural unit is fitted with the most modern devices, equipments, machines & tools. Our unit enables us in manufacturing of remarkable & durable range of Heat Exchangers & fittings in large quantity with assured quality with everlasting satisafaction

Our Aim

Being a leading manufacturer in Industrial Heat Exchange products like Plate Exchanger, Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Plate Heat Exchangers, we cultivate a long-term relationship with our clients. We have good word-of-mouth testimonials.  

Our Mission

Working with customer-focused mind, Operating with innovative and dynamic structure. Adding value to the sector with sustainable, high quality and efficient products, Providing reliable service, Respecting to nature, to our employees and to the society.



about us

Established in the year 2015, We, “Shyam Heat Exchanger”, have emerged as one of the leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Service Provider of optimum quality Hydraulic Oil Cooler & Heat Exchanger, Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger and many more. 

We are  well known and reputed Heat Exchanger Manufacturer in Delhi- NCR, Gurugram, Mumbai and Uttar Pradesh with clients all over India.

All these products are manufactured under the supervision of our experts, who help us in bringing forth an outstanding product range. 

Apart from this, we also provide Heat Exchanger Repairing Service. Products offered by us are widely accepted in the market for their following reasons such as corrosion resistance, longer life, and less maintenance. 

With our efficiency, we can execute pneumatic automation of equipment, ranging from compressors to pneumatic automation. 

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
Plate Heat Exchanger
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Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger 

Plate Heat Exchanger

Spare parts Of Plate Heat Exchanger 

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Bundle Type Heat Exchangers


Bundle Type Heat Exchangers

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We are certified Heat Exchanger Manufacturers in India. A product might be verified to comply with a specification or stamped with a specification number. This does not, by itself, indicate that the item is fit for any particular use. The person or group of persons who own the certification scheme (i.e., engineers, trade unions, building code writers, government, industry, etc.) have the responsibility to consider the choice of available specifications, choose the correct ones, 



A customer’s expectation of a particular service is determined by factors such as recommendations, personal needs and past experiences. The expected service and the perceived service sometimes may not be equal, thus leaving a gap. The service quality model or the ‘GAP model’ developed in 1985, highlights the main requirements for delivering high service quality. 



Affordable. If something is affordable, it’s priced reasonably, and you have enough money to buy it. … The adjective affordable can either mean “cheap,” or it can imply that even if it’s expensive, you have enough money to easily buy it. The verb afford is at the root, and its earliest meaning was “accomplish.”

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